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Officevibe’s automated employee surveys give organizations like yours solution-driven employee engagement data for meaningful action planning at a team level. Our real-time insights are actionable, easy to interpret and help teams improve internal communications and bring their best work to the table.

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How our employee 
engagement tool works

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Understand team needs

Weekly employee pulse surveys and anonymous feedback give managers real-time insights into the employee experience and challenges.

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Manage smarter

Accessible reports and digestible data make it easy for managers to prioritize what matters most and better manage their team.

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Empower employees

Grow employee engagement by discussing survey results, brainstorming solutions, and implementing engagement initiatives as a team.

All-in-one employee engagement platform.

Pulse surveys

Measure and track engagement levels on every team.

  • Weekly 2 minute surveys are quick and easy for employees to complete.
  • The survey algorithm ensures questions assess the complete employee experience.
  • Real-time insights help managers continuously improve employee engagement.
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Anonymous feedback

Give employees a safe space for honest communication.

  • An anonymous communication channel allows for honest employee feedback.
  • Turn feedback into a chat and have conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise.
  • Spot trends easily and build action plans through two-way communication.
Manager and employee working together

Employee survey reports

Get aggregated data on survey results in easy-to-read reports.

  • Get a clear overview of where your team is shining, and where they need support.
  • Quickly view your team’s survey results on 10 key metrics of engagement and 26 sub-metrics.
  • Get granular with insights around how each survey question was answered.
Officevibe's engagement report

4 in 5 employees who use Officevibe are clear on how to meet their goals and objectives.

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Employee engagement data that’s easy to understand

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Improve employee experience

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Build a strong organizational culture

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