How does Officevibe work, exactly?


Having a great team vibe goes way beyond happiness at work and cool perks – and we’re here to break it down for you.

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So, what is Officevibe?

Officevibe is an online platform that offers managers an Employee experience solution to build better relationships with their people and create the conditions for great work.

Our tools are built by experts and backed by data so managers can create positive change for their team in a safe, honest, environment.

Product shot of the Pulse Survey and Survey Reports features in Officevibe

Explore our built-in features

One-on-one meetings

Master one-on-ones with our complete, easy-to-use tool

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Team engagement

Meaningful, real-time insights that are easy to interpret

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Anonymous feedback

Automate and organize how you collect anonymous feedback

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Employee pulse survey

Ask the right questions to measure employee engagement

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The Officevibe basics

How Officevibe gives managers the full picture of their team’s needs so they can take action to improve their team’s engagement.

Water-tight anonymity

Officevibe is designed to spark meaningful conversations by making employees feel they can be honest with their managers – and that’s why protecting their identity is so important. Unlike other solutions, Officevibe gives every user the choice to submit direct feedback anonymously.

Product shot of the Feedback Messaging feature in Officevibe

Designed by experts

We partnered with Deloitte’s human capital experts to test the scientific validity of our survey model. We also checked our content and wording with them to get the most accurate and actionable measures of employee engagement.

Product shot of Officevibe pulse survey

Data-driven engagement

Why settle for guesswork when you can see the big picture? Anonymous answers from our weekly surveys are aggregated and then converted into scores. These scores are presented in your simple to read, easy to digest Team Reports.

Product shot of the Survey Reports feature in Officevibe

SMART collaboration

Officevibe’s 1-on-1 and goal-setting tools are a shared responsibility between managers and team members. We help guide managers with question prompts developed in partnership with neuroscientists who outlined the best ways to build relationships, discuss work and articulate difficult topics.

a one-on-one meeting agenda in the Officevibe software

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