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Save on prep time

Plan one-on-one meetings and set goals together with your team. Make prep quick, take notes in the app, and track next steps easily.

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How our one-on-one software works

Illustration of two hands building a one-on-one agenda together

Build one-on-ones together

Set shared agenda items with each team member and come to every one-on-one meeting prepared.

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Set action items

Enter next steps or create individual goals for each direct report, so checking in next time is easy.

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Centralize your notes

Take meeting notes to track progress and make compiling yearly reviews quick.

A complete one-on-one tool

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4 in 5 employees who use Officevibe are clear on how to meet their goals and objectives.

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Action items and goal tracking

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Improve manager productivity

A preview of the 1-on-1 questions available in Officevibe

New employee one-on-one meeting template

Check-in with team members who’ve just joined the team using this one-on-one template for onboarding them with ease.

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Officevibe's template: New employee 1-on-1 template
Photo of Tony Ticknor, Director of Technology at Irish Titan

“I do take some notes, but I’m doing less of that now that we’re using Officevibe’s 1-on-1 features. The information is already in there. There’s always a history to go back to if I’m wondering what we talked about.”

Tony Ticknor, Director of Technology

Officevibe’s one-on-one meeting software is inexpensive, simple to start, and easy to use.

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