Do right with employee survey and meeting templates

Back your leaders with the right resources and best practices to connect with their teams and manage better.

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Guided by the best

Taboo no more

Tough talks and sensitive subjects become much easier to navigate when everyone has a map to follow.

Mix it up

Break up routine check-ins and incite growth by helping teams explore topics like psychological safety, trust, communication, and team spirit.

Ready when you need it

Sometimes important conversations can’t wait. Equip teams with best practices and resources to handle critical talks quickly and confidently.

Save and share your special sauce

Template libraries

Instead of going to Google, have your managers turn to you (or us) for insight-generating survey ideas and team-building conversation topics and talking points.

Always ready for more

Deep dives

Get even more out of Officevibe with included templates that guide deep dives on the engagement metrics, meeting agendas for goal setting, and lots more.

Survey, discuss, repeat

Define and clarify

Surveying teams as a whole on important topics and then following up with team members individually is a winning recipe for your managers. Use our survey and meeting template sets or create your own.

Our survey and meeting templates help you…

Improve retention

Easily keep a close eye on turnover triggers across teams with templates covering themes like ambassadorship, work stress, and stay interviews.

Develop leadership toolkits

As your managers grow, they’ll want to collect their own greatest hits of past surveys and meeting agendas. Not only can they save them as templates, but they can also deploy them in a single click!

Navigate organizational change

Sometimes change requires you to focus on a new and particular aspect of your employee experience. Ready-made templates allow you to cover new topics and easily check-in over time.

A template tool to help you solve challenges quickly and build stronger relationships with your team.

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