Get to the heart of the matter with custom employee surveys

Not all survey tools are created equal. Use one that’s created for the workplace, with maximum identity protection, for honest and accurate insights with Officevibe.

✓ No credit card required

Flexibility to focus on the feedback that counts

Surveys for the workplace

Our survey tools are made for the modern workplace. With maximum identity protection, you’ll gain honest and accurate insights.

In the flow of work

Just like our Pulse Surveys, you can send your custom employee surveys straight to Slack or Teams or even good old-fashioned email.

Easy to complete, easy to remind

Guarantee maximum participation thanks to interactive and engaging surveys powered by easy reminders.

Plays nice with Pulse Survey

Seamless experience

Keep everyone on task by pairing custom surveys with your team’s next Pulse Survey. Sit back and let our automated delivery system take over for the most efficient survey experience possible.

Ditch one-and-done survey

Ignite conversations

Most survey tools stop once the respondent has submitted their answers, but not ours. Open-ended question answers go straight into anonymous messaging meaning you can continue to engage with respondents long after the initial survey was sent!

Built for action

Survey follow-up

Continue learning about your team’s wants and needs. After surveying the whole team, send a talking point to your next 1-on-1 to discuss your results further.

Our custom employee survey
tool helps you…

Give managers flexibility

Managers can launch a custom survey at any time to dig into topics specific to their team while continuing to offer a safe space for team members to share honestly.

Deliver impactful initiatives

With rich reporting and visualizations, custom surveys are the quickest and easiest way to build a report card for your latest initiative.

Prioritize company culture

Custom surveys are a great way to check in on your company values, how your teams feel about them and what they mean.

Launch custom surveys to best address areas that need work — the ones unique to your work and your team.

✓ No credit card required