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Officevibe is the incredibly friendly people-first employee experience platform— your fresh, new way to engage, recognize, align, and enable world-class leaders and teams.

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We're on your vibe

Trusted by over 3,200 businesses worldwide.


How Officevibe works

Take the guessing game out of what your teams want and need. We create a safe place to exchange feedback and honest feelings so that your people feel engaged and happy at work.

All that you need to shape the very best hybrid & remote employee experiences

Keep it
real talk

Create an environment that encourages genuine conversations, with conditions that inspire a better vibe for all, no matter where they work.

Show every employee
they belong

Your people are the best part of your business. Show them how they all play a role and contribute to the big picture.

Equip managers
to lead

Give leaders what they need to feel confident tackling tough situations and important conversations.

Easy-to-use tools make for happy humans.

Image from Officevibe's Pulse survey report

Employee pulse survey tool

Survey smart
Survey with heart

Stay in the know with Officevibe. Giving you a continuous collection of engagement metrics and feedback for every team and department in your organization. Just set it and forget it.

1-on-1 meetings tool

1-on-1s fuel stronger relationships

Keep conversations on track thanks to structured meeting agendas and templates that record what matters to employees and managers.

Employee feedback tool


And honest, continuous feedback—even better. Get to know how your employees really feel. Show them you care by directly responding to their comments and concerns with intention.

Elevate your entire employee experience with one straightforward platform. Get started today for free.

✓ No credit card required

The Officevibe difference

There’s an easier way to work together

Simple tools

Don’t miss a beat. Our uncomplicated tools are ready to take on tough organizational challenges from day one.

Say it your way

Don’t cloak it with corporate. Keep it natural. Make it conversational. And connect in better more human ways than ever before.

Make it memorable

We’re here to take a load off. Our easy-to-use tools are here to simplify the serious stuff, so your team will keep coming back for more.

Teams full of true selves

From Montreal to the world

Back in 2013 we needed an employee engagement solution to keep our culture happening. So we built it ourselves. Keeping our teams in sync is a journey we take every day.

Photo of Eve Zaidan, Team member at WiseSync

“When I saw the first Officevibe email, it was like a breath of fresh air. It was when it occurred to me that my company actually cares about culture and has taken the initiative to find out how their people really feel.”

Eve Zaidan, Team member
Mario Stojanovski, Customer Support Manager at Nintex

“The anonymous feedback is where the real value lies for my team. The truth is, some people just don’t want to come directly to you to chat about a certain topic, and that’s fine.”

Mario Stojanovski, Customer Support Manager
Kathryn Kellam, VP Sales and Marketing at MMC

“Sharing the survey results with the team and building them into how we work together has significantly improved overall satisfaction.”

Kathryn Kellam, VP Sales and Marketing
Lindsey O’Sullivan, Director of People Operations at Nautilus lab

“It was not surprising, but clearer, how much stress the team was feeling. Officevibe allowed us to dig in on what was driving it, like work-life balance. It allowed us to circle through our teams and ask how we could help.”

Lindsey O’Sullivan, Director of People Operations
Tony Ticknor, Director of Technology at Irishtitan

“I do take some notes, but I’m doing less of that now that we’re using Officevibe’s 1-on-1 features. The information is already in there. There’s always a history to go back to if I’m wondering what we talked about.”

Tony Ticknor, Director of Technology

Officevibe is inexpensive, simple to start, and easy to use. Your team will thank you for it.

✓ No credit card required

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