Give your leaders the tools to advance employee experience

Nurture the right conversations, and managers can turn their teams into dream teams.

Empower all managers with what they need to succeed

Scalable expertise

Highly relevant and contextualized help for managers is available at the click of a button. Scale managers, teams and your organization with these leadership tools.

Consistent team experience

When your team leaders turn to the same resources for navigating team dynamics and building their team, you can make sure no one gets left behind.

Self-healing teams

Enable strong independent teams and free up more time for your people-ops to see the big picture, spot trends and identify opportunities.

Reply with confidence

Feedback guidance

Find appropriate and timely responses to your team’s feedback with in-app guidance, including reply templates, for all scenarios!

Ignite meaning conversation

Conversation engine

Give your managers talking point templates so they can build 1-on-1s quickly and make the most out of every moment spent with their team members.

Go, team, go!

Team hub

Create a dedicated space for each team! Give everyone a piece of Officevibe that’s just for them. Offer every team member a chance to demonstrate leadership with all the context necessary to contribute to team success.

A second brain for managers

Manager hub

Give your managers more time to lead their team instead of managing the tasks they need to do to get there. Lighten their load with timely reminders and access to key actions all in one place.

Our leadership & conversation
tools help you…

Back managers

Shape your managers into conversation experts and shine a light on their efforts for their whole team to see.

Manage experience across teams

Ensure all feedback gets answered and give every 1-on-1 the chance to be meaningful across all teams.

Improve retention

Make it easy for employees to hit it off with their managers by making them feel heard.

Start connecting with your team in a better way with Officevibe.

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