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Stéphanie Nadeau, Director of HR at Stingray, and Bianca D’Intino-Conte, HR Advisor, discuss how their HR team uses Officevibe to influence executive leadership and improve the employee experience. 

Stingray's employees sharing feedback together.

Stingray is a leading music, media, and technology company and premium provider of curated direct-to-consumer and B2B services.

Location Montreal, Canada

Company size 1,200

Industry Media

With a little help from Officevibe, Stingray puts the employee experience at the top of their list of priorities. Tune in to our conversation with Stéphanie and Bianca for more insights on how they keep their distributed teams engaged.  

Montreal-based music, media, and tech company, Stingray, implemented Officevibe in the winter of 2020 to keep a pulse on their growing team and help them stay connected to the broader employee sentiment. Officevibe also helped check another box on their employee experience software wish list: a tool that would help them make informed, data-backed decisions to better support their employees’ needs.  

Stéphanie Nadeau, Director of HR

“The data that Officevibe provides us is great to influence business decisions at an executive level […] and support other projects that we’re working on.” 

Stéphanie Nadeau, Director of HR

Engagement and retention are words on many leaders’ lips these days. As the competition for talent continues, companies are adapting their business strategies to ensure their people feel supported and satisfied in their roles and happy to stick around for the long haul. But with a large, distributed team, how can organizations be sure that their employees feel heard, engaged, and driven to perform?  

We recently sat down with two members of Stingray’s Human Resources squad, Stéphanie Nadeau, Director, Human Resources, and Bianca D’Intino-Conte, Human Resources Advisor, to discuss what the employee experience means to them and how they use Officevibe to shape broader business decisions.  

Listen in to the conversation to hear more about: 

  • the importance of employee feedback and engagement on retention at Stingray 
  • how employee experience data influences executive decisions 
  • why business leaders should seek out a tool to help them better understand and connect with employees  
Stingray's highest Officevibe metrics in relationship with manager and peers, and an increased eNPS score.
Stingray’s standout Officevibe scores

From their Relationship with manager score to their employee Net Promoter Score, Stingray now enjoys consistently high Officevibe metrics with the help of data-backed employee engagement strategies.  

Businesses like yours are using Officevibe to elevate their employee experience, our experts can show you how.