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Officevibe is the employee experience platform that will help you understand what makes you successful – and hang onto it.


Listen to your people, support your managers, and build a company culture where everyone thrives.

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Why Officevibe for your organization? 

Simple to roll-out

Introducing a new platform can be stressful, so we make it easy and smooth. Officevibe is extremely intuitive and gives you rapid results.

Built for growth

Unlock your organization’s path to growth by understanding how your people really feel. Take meaningful actions based on real data.

Adapts to your workforce

Is everyone back in the office? WFH? Shifting to distributed work? Offices in different cities? Recent merger? Bring everyone under a single company culture.

Listen to your people, support your managers, and build a company culture where everyone thrives.

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Officevibe for organizations

Honest feedback from your people doesn’t come around every day. And yet, it’s the only way you can really improve your culture. Officevibe gets you that feedback by giving your people a space for real talk, so you can:

Build trust and make employees feel heard

Launch meaningful people initiatives

See what’s going on in your organization



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Integrates right into your flow of work

Whether you’re on Slack, Teams, O365, Google – or by email or text – Officevibe works where your team does, so they don’t have to download or login to anything new.

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“An excellent way to get into metrics how your staff feels. [...] This instrument has been invaluable in contributing to the evaluations that my boss can use to improve the team with the moral pain of the employees.”

Bob W Director Business Development Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.) - Review left on

“Having this kind of culture – which I find is enhanced through the use of Officevibe – makes people ambassadors. We get a lot of team referrals, because they can see through Officevibe that they’re bringing people into a great culture.”

With Kristin Heckersbruch, Culture and People Manager

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Officevibe is growth-driven, simple to start and easy to use. Your team will thank you for it.

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