Why Officevibe?

Create an environment for your people to thrive

Get better visibility on the most relevant and reliable data so you can help your teams succeed at work and your organization flourish.


When your teams are engaged, your business succeeds.

Officevibe equips HR leaders and managers with the tools they need to bring out the best in their teams. A single, intuitive platform to drive performance, support retention, and build a winning company culture.

2023 G2 Leader awards

strengthen productivity

Empower everyone to achieve their full potential

Use Officevibe to gain measurable insights into what drives performance. And equip your managers with the tools and expert advice to see it through.

  • Help managers with their team development.
  • Align your teams to meet organization-wide priorities down the individual growth plan.
  • Stay in sync with one-on-ones so day-to-day effort equals big results.
Manager and employee aligning on their team goals.
Jillian Mitchel at Assent explains how Officevibe helped her company

“Since using Officevibe, we’ve seen retention, tenure, eNPS, and overall employment experience soar.”

Jillian Mitchell, Human Resources Business Partner at Assent

Reduce turnover

Attract and retain talent

With Officevibe, you can deliver initiatives with impact. Use our intuitive tools to identify what your people want. Create ambassadors, and make a name for your brand.

  • Understand and improve employee satisfaction and happiness.
  • Nurture strong manager-employee relationships built on trust and communication.
  • Establish baseline metrics and create a winning company culture.

Increase profitability

Engagement drives growth

Leaders from the C-suite to managers use Officevibe to navigate organizational change.

  • Measure engagement and identify drivers of performance.
  • Bridge the gap between hybrid teams to streamline efficiency.
  • Scale efficiently through hyper-growth, mergers, or acquisitions.
Team engaged and giving positive feedback.

A not-so-quiet force on your bottom line

Employees’ engagement levels affect crucial and measurable business outcomes. From a Gallup survey of 2.7M employees, here is how some of the most engaged teams benefit.

Lower turnover rates

18% to 43%
lower turnover rates

Star employees don’t leave without reason. Find out the real cost of employee turnover and strategies to reduce it.

Higher Productivity

higher productivity

Expect greater returns and higher-quality work when your people are into their job. (And recognized for what they do.)

Lower Absenteeism

lower absenteeism

By enlisting the right listening right tools you can better prioritize employee well-being.

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