OKR and goal planning that sets everyone up for success

Awaken accountability and illuminate how every employee and team goal contributes to your organization’s growth.

Pave the way for team excellence

Business and people success in one

Save time and make better business decisions by having your tool for goal success live alongside your tool for people success.

Built to be easy and flexible. Not enterprise.

A straightforward goal tool to engage and empower all teams, not just the C-suite. Access for all means everyone can play their part in attaining organizational objectives.

Empower everyone

Show them where you want to go and let them lead the way with team and personal goals aligned with your big wins.

Master plan

Tree view

Maximize the visibility of your OKRs with a complete and easy-to-navigate map that lets each team and individual contributor see where they fit in and when to cheer on others to help reach your shared goals.

Determine your path to success β€” together


Empower your team to apply their talent and skills the best way they see fit. Your teams will be notified about new organizational goals and then join forces to figure out how they can help knock it out of the park.

Progress noted

Goal progress

Updating progress is easy so everyone stays accountable and informed. Status reports show the latest development and an activity log that follows along every step of the way.

Our OKR & Goals tool helps you…

Give your managers a bird’s eyeview

See what other teams are working on so they can spot opportunities to collaborate, potential bottlenecks, and more, all asynchronously.

Improve the experience for distributed teams

Break remote teams out of their bubbles by giving them shared goals and the sense that they are working side by side to hit that big milestone, even when at a distance.

Prioritize company culture

How you set and communicate goals can say a lot about your company culture. Our Goals & OKR tool will put trust, transparency, and teamwork at the heart of your organization.

We spot an opportunity:
73% of employees think their manager could define more precise goals.

Track employee goals and OKR progress in a more human way with Officevibe.

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