Make one-on-one meetings more collaborative

Have better conversations. We make it easy. You make it meaningful.

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Start connecting in a better way

Time well spent

Put an end to one-way meetings or meeting overtime with easy-to-use and engaging agendas built specifically for 1-on-1s.

Focus on meeting
action items, not tasks

Lighten the load of meeting prep and follow up with tools that help with both the challenging and mundane tasks of running meetings.

Alignment starts with connection

Every moment of connection is an opportunity for alignment. And Officevibes’ 1-on-1 meetings are the quick-and-easy catalyst behind those moments.

Better meetings are built together


Transform the run-of-the-mill meeting invite into an invitation to collaborate. Support managers and their team members to build the meetings they want and need with tools like the conversation engine, agenda templates, and easy access to unaddressed talking points from the previous 1-on-1s.

Shared understanding & shared action

Action oriented

Get everyone into the habit of wrapping up each meeting with quick notes about what they’ve accomplished together and set the next action items for crystal clear alignment.

Always accessible


All meeting agendas, notes, and action items are always accessible to managers and their team members. No more locking them away in some folder in the cloud and constantly having to share access.

Our meetings tool helps you…

Identify drivers of performance

Easily leave a performance trail over time and give the complete picture come review time.

Help your managers

Meeting skills aren’t always innate. Level the playing field and give everyone the chance to be the best possible meeting host.

Manage experience in & across remote teams

Accurately spot teams that need a little more help with developing good habits about meeting regularly with the meeting participation report.

82% of employees who use Officevibe are satisfied with how often they communicate with their manager.

From Officevibe data

Easy to build. Easy to access. With the right conversation tools, managers can turn their teams into dream teams.

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